One St. Patrick's Day... 364 Practice Days

A brunette and a redhead take on all the Irish bars in Chicago.

April 27, 2006

Upping the Anti

Is that how you spell "anti"? Just so everyone knows - it was never my idea to have a blog linked to this project - which is why I am so awful at updating posts and the like. And now that Suzanne has passed the blog responsibility on to me (because the redhead contingent has gotten into grad school in NYU and will be leaving me in the fall - a happy, but nontheless, sad event. but congratulations all around for our little step dancing queen/budding journalist!). Regardless, I feel like I've been too intimidated to even touch this thing and I'm sorry for those dedicated "One St. Pat's" blog readers who have been checking in periodically only to find a blank slate. So here is my promise to you: I will update this blog weekly - with a completed "Public House/Bar Review" for the week. This review will be based on an outline that my good friend Holly and I composed while dining at the very pubilicious Cullen's a few weeks ago over dinner. The blog will also be updated with the weekly location (s). For instance: this week (the last in April-already it's been over a month since we've begun!) on Saturday, April 30 at 9pm -we will be hitting up Fearon's Public House at 3001 N. Ashland Ave. then moving to Ginger's Ale House at 3801 N. Ashland and then finishing up at the Celtic Crown Public House at 4301 N. Western Ave. I told you we were upping the anti.

March 25, 2006


We will be at Galway Arms, 2442 N Clark St. We will write more about the first official bar visit later.

March 15, 2006

It all starts Friday

Friday, March 17th, 2006 is a day that will live on in history. It will be the official start date for Lisa and Suzanne's Irish bar crawl across Chicago. This crawl will last one year and will be punctuated by daily needs such as working hard for the money to pay for the bar crawl, eating, pooping and sleeping.